It’s getting closer to Christmas and I am looking for some home made, budget friendly food projects that are vegan and organic for us to make and gift to family and friends.  I am starting with Ginger Beer today made from Organic Fresh Ginger Roots and organic raw sugar.

The recipe says to pop bottles open once a day to let a bit of gas out, I would say three times a day is better.  I accidentally measured out the full portion of water in the second step so ended up with 4 + 9 cups  and it was a bit more palatable than the batch I made with only 9 cups of water.  Watch how you store the bottles too especially if you are not popping the top often as one did explode in my kitchen 🙂  Also it is not completely clear in this recipe but bottles need to be stored in the fridge once brewed otherwise they will most likely explode and become alcoholic.  The bottles that are commercially sold and fine kept at room temperature have been pasteurised so the yeast bacteria is killed.

I didn’t waste the strained grated ginger and made ginger conserve using 50/50 sugar and ginger by weight.  Add a bit of water and simmer until set.  Add a bit of lemon juice near the end of the cooking time for taste and pectin content.  Test it by cooling half a teaspoon to check if it sets once cool.


What is yeast and how is it made?

Here is how to make a Ginger Beer bug using fresh ginger